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    and Industrial Equipment in our Region...

About Us

Miles Engineering was founded in 1968 by Leo Hoffmann, moved to 46 Murilla Street in 1971, Miles. In 2009, Miles Engineering also became a member of the Industrial Supplies Group (ISG) to allow an even greater range of products to be available to customers. Current owner / managing Directors, John and Anne Hoffmann.

Miles Engineering has over 50 years experience supplying customers with the highest quality of Agricultural and Industrial supplies. Their extensive range of stock knowledge & supplier Support.


Our extensive range or Agricultural and Industrial supplies is the largest of any in the Queensland region.


Our extensive range of Abrasives includes cloth belts, surface conditioning belts, wire brushes, cut off wheels, diamond blades, discs, flap wheels, grinding wheels, rolls, sheets and sharpening stones produced by high quality brands such as Rodius, Pferd and Flexovit.

Hand Tools

Our high quality range of hand tools include angle meters, bars, benders, blades, chalk lines and reels, chisels, clamps, cutters, files, gauges, wrenches, hacksaws, hammers, levels, measuring equipment, pliers, pullers, punches, rules, scissors, screwdrivers, snips, sockets, soldering equipment, spanners, staplers, tool kits, tool boxes and tweezers by respected brands such as Starrett, Stanley, Sutton Tools, Bessey, Dawn and Eclipse.

Our hand tools are produced by well respected and high quality brands such as Mumme Products, Starrett, Toledo, Dawn, Kincrome, Sutton Tools, Super Ego, Sidchrome, Lufkin, Rokset, Stanley, Bahco, Bessey, Irwin Record, Elesa+ Ganter, Eclipse, Rigid, Crescent, H.K. Porter, Warren & Brown Precision Tools, General, Wiss, Nicholson, Imex, KC Tools, GearWrench, Plumb, Thor Hammer, Huckson, Falcon, Eklind, Bosch, Rigid, Irwin Vise-Grip, Pryor, Groz, Bostitch and Tacwise.

Cutting tools

photo300We stock a large range of cutting tools including blades, drills and drillbits, screws, threading equipment, taps, milling equipment, tool bits, reamers and holesaws.

Our range of cutting tools are produced by high quality brands such as Kincrome, Stanley, Genius, KC Tools, Fragram and Fuller.

Power Tools

Our range of power tools includes blowers, angle grinders, drills, cordless tools and accessories, die grinders, demolition hammers, hammer drills, jigsaws, sanders, saws and screw driver bits supplied by brands such as Makita, Hitachi, Metabo, SP Air, Airmac, Compressors, Pressure Cleaners, Spitwater and Bar.

Machinery & Workshop Equipment

Our machinery & workshop equipment includes a large range of benders, bevelling machines, blades, chucks, cutters, generators, grinders, hydraulic presses, linishing belt machines, motors, wiring machines, pulleys, pumps, punches, saws, shears, sheetmetal folders, stands, suspension isolators, threading machines, v-belts, pumps and porta power kits.

All machine & workshop equipment we sell is provided by high quality brands such as  Gason, Claas and Gleaner & Versatile parts.

Air Tools & Equipment (Compressors)

photo300Our range of air tools & equipment includes angle grinders, belt sanders, blow guns, compressors, compressors, die grinders, digger, disc grinders, drills, gas actuated products, hammers, nail guns, needle scalers, riveters, sanders and wrenches.

These are provided by brands such as KC Tools, Nitto, Air Boy, Ingersoll Rand, Austech Industries, Jamec Pem, Airman, Nuair, Ross, Scorpion, Maxus, Endeavour, H.K Porter, Campbell Hausfeld, Peerless, Powers Fasteners, Bostitch, Endeavour, Kuken and SP Air.

Safety & Protection Equipment

Barriers, bunting flags, gas detectors, ear muffs, ear plugs, extinguishers, electrical kits, first aid kits, fume extractors, gloves, harnesses, height safety equipment, lighting equipment, respirators, safety eyewear, signs, spill containment, tapes and welding equipment.

Our safety and protection equipment is produced to the highest standard by brands such as Epirez, Lightning, Barrier, Pall Mall, Brady, Miller, 3M, Pro Safety Gear, Howard Leight, Uvex, Dixon, Trafalgar, Allclear, Alemlube, Fanquip, Ansell, Elliott, North, 12 Quality by the Dozen, Contego, Ninja, Tuffguard, Miller, B-Safe, Lufkin, Brady, Vision Safe, Master Lock, Sabco, 3M, Sperian, Gerson, Frontier, Spill Fix, Vision Safe, Septone and Arcsafe.

Lifting & Material Handling

photo300Our extensive range of lifting and material handling includes Ball transfers, tipping bins, castors & wheels, alloy chain, conveyor rollers, cranes, cyclinders, drum dollies, girder clamps and trolleys, hand trolleys, hoists, hooks, jacks, ladders & accessories, lifters, loadbinders, ratchets, rope, scaffolding, shackles, slings, spill containment, stands, storage equipment, trolleys, pallet trucks, wheelbarrows and trestles.

Clothing & Footwear

We have an extensive range of protective clothing, boots, high visibility vests, overalls, gumboots, hats, jackets, safety and high visibility vests, shirts, shorts, trousers, waterproof sets, welding aprons, hoods and jackets.

Welding Equipment & Consumables

We stock an extensive range of welding & consumables including anti-spatter, conversion kits, cutters, torches, welding kits, gas cylinders, gas regulators, helmets, hoses, lens, machines, mig wire, respirators, shroud, springs, tips, torch & leads, torch liner, electrodes, wirefeeders and welders/generators.


Our range of fasteners includes anchors, bolts& nuts, fasteners, nuts & washers, rivets, screws, threaded rod, thread inserts and thread restorers.

Lubrication Equipment & Lubricants

photo300Anti-seize compounds, corrosion protection, cutting & tapping compound, cutting fluids/oils, fuels, funnels, fuel nozzles, grease, grease control valves, grease guns, grease header blocks, grease kits, grease lubrication system, grease nipples, grease pumps, lubricants, meters, oil compressor, oil control guns, oil measures, oil systems, oil waste/drainers, pumps, and fuel storage and dispensing kits.

All lubrication equipment and lubricants are produced to the highest quality by brands such as Rocol, Devcon, Lanotec, Trefolex, Alemlube, Tap Magic, Macnaught, WD-40, Pressol, Hi-Tec Oils and Rigid.

Hardware, Building & Construction

Our large range of hardware, building & construction equipment includes axes/splitters, brushes, cable & chain, cable lock, tool clips, crack & flaw finder, hinges, knives, locks & latches, paints, paint rollers & trays, picks, rakes, shovels, saws, spray guns, sprayers, springs, tarpaulins and trowels. This range is produced by well known brands such as Plumb, Cyclone, Rokset, Norma, Master Lock, Dry-Mark, CRC, Galmet, Cyclone, Spear & Jackson, Hills and Polyturf.

Metrology (Precision Measuring)

photo300Our range of metrology equipment includes Calipers, dividers, gauges, dial indicators, levels, magnetic base, micrometers and engineers squares. These are produced by brands such as Mode & Wright, Toledo, Starrett, Noga and Fisher.

Packaging & Tapes

We supply a large range of packaging & tapes including ballpoint pens, razor blades, engineers chalk, fixed knives, knives, paint markers, permanent markers, electrical tape, sealing tape, cloth tape, gaffa tape, masking tape and duct tape.

Our range of packaging and tapes is supplied by high quality brands such as Sterling, Stanley, Uni Paint Marker, Dy-Mark, 3M and Norton.

Adhesives, sealants & Fillers

Our range of adhesives, sealants & fillers includes aerosol adhesives, epoxy & acrylic adhesives, glazing adhesives, adhesive guns, hot melt adhesives, industrial adhesives, instant adhesives, sealants, concrete repair, epoxy, surface cleaner, Loctite adhesives, sealants & lubricants, glass primer and urethane compounds.

Our adhesives, sealants and fillers are produced by high quality brands such as Sika, 3M, Devcon and Loctite.

Janitorial & Cleaning

photo300Our extensive range of janitorial & cleaning equipment includes air freshner, bin liners, waste bins, brooms- household, industrial & outdoor, brushes, high pressure cleaners, degreasers, vehicle & truck wash, cleaning gun, glass cleaner, graffiti cleaner, cloth towel, cloth wipes, dust pan sets, hand cleaner, hand soap dispenser, hand cleaner towels, insect repellent, laundry powder, mop bucket, mop head, squeeze mop, paper towel, parts washer, scourers, squeegees, tissues, toilet brushes & sets and vacuum cleaners.

All janitorial and cleaning supplies are produced by high quality brands such as Tork, Regal, Pall Mall, Sabco, Brushwork, Sabco, Scorpion, KARCHER, Kerrick, Lanotec, Simple Green, ABV, Lightning, Septone Products, Solvol, Scrubs, Raid, Deb, Mat World, Mat Tek, Vacmaster, Metabo and Hitachi.

Electrical & Accessories

You’re sure to find what you’re looking for with our extensive range of air curtains, batteries, battery chargers, cable shears, cable ties tools & accessories, coolers, dryers, dust blower fans, dust collections, extension leads, fans, heat transfer kits, heaters, powerboards, power blocks, safety switches, testers, torches and work lights.

Our range of electrical equipment is produced by brands including PowerCell, Arlec, Fanquip, Auslink, Norma, Telwin, Ross, Aira, KC Tools and Precision.

Hose & Fittings

We stock a wide range of assortment ktis, bandimex, clamps, coolant systems, couplings & fitters, couplers, nipples, hose fittings, hose assemblies, hoses, hose menders, hose reels, rubber, elbows, sockets, socket plugs, seals & tools, strainers and valves produced by high quality brands such as Rubber & PVC hose, Brass and Galv. & Poly Fittings.

Hose and fittings products are supplied by brands such as Rubber & PVC House, Brass, Galv. & Poly Fittings.

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for any assistance with the Miles Engineering product range.

Contact us for more information about the range of Agricultural and Industrial supplies we stock.

1. Main Shop 44-46 Murilla St,
Miles, Queensland, 4415      Phone: (07) 4627 1488

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Workshop & Powershop

We have our own on-site engineering workshop at our office in Miles, Queensland, where we offer Ag Points a range of steel supplies and Ryco Hydraulics 1/4" to 1.1/4" hose, crimp on and field fit fittings.

Location - 26-36 Murilla St, Miles Queensland 4415 Phone:- (07) 4627 1488

We have our own on-site Power Equipment and Pump repair Powershop at our office in Miles qld where we offer a good product range of Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Cub Cadet, Davey, Ferris, Hustler, Husqvarna, MTD, Spitwater as well as small engine and pump repairs.

Location - 44-46 Murilla Street, Miles Qld 4415 07 4627 1488

Contact us and speak to one of our helpful staff on (07) 4627 1488 to find out more information about our workshop services and Powershop.


Our company provides a wide range of hydraulic services, including re-seal and re-shafting of hydraulic cylinders and we stock a wide range of hydraulic hoses and fittings. (¼ to 1 ¼)

Specialized Equipment - These Items are for Sale if Interested please contact John 0417773748 - thank you

  • Automatic Band Saw (250mm x 250mm);
  • 80Ton Punch (26mm) and Shear ( 20mm );
  • Guillotine (6mm x 2500mm);
  • Plasma Cutter (25mm);
  • Manual Pan Brake Folder (2mm x 2400mm);
  • 50Ton Press;
  • Milling Machine with Dividing Head;
  • Press Brake (3000mm x 100T);
  • Sheet Rollers (3mm x 1800mm);
  • 750 amp M.I.G Welder
  • 350 amp T.I.G Welder
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Operating Hours:

1. Main Shop - Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5pm, Saturdays 8:30am to 12pm
Sunday by appointment only

2 Workshop - Monday to Friday 8:00am to 12:30pm, 1:30pm to 5pm

Saturday & Sunday by appointment only


1. Mainshop 44-46 Murilla Street,

2. Workshop 26-36 Murilla St
Miles, Queensland, 4415

Phone: Phone:1. (07) 4627 1488
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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